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PCWBecauseItsTime.com: We are joined here today by a man many are saying had the single biggest night in PCW history, Markus Mac.

Markus Mac: Hold on, Hold on, Hold up! That's the "No Alternate, Pink Mink of professional wrestling" Markus Mac...

PCWBecauseItsTime.com: I stand corrected, the "No Alternate, Pink Mink of professional wrestling" Markus Mac... Markus, At PCW Extreme Measures, Pink Mink Inc. came into Yuba City strapless, yet left the event with 30 pounds of gold! How did this plan manifest and what did it mean for PMI?

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Extreme Measures, Moments and Memories Made!

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The Final 4 Are On Their Way To Living The Dream!

The first annual PCW "Living The Dream" contest was an instant success! With 12 PCW potential prospects, they were tested in overall fitness, talent in the ring and asked why they deserve to win. It was no easy task to find the 4 best (originally supposed to be 3), but after 3 rounds of cuts the 4 finalists are: Will Roberts (Redding, CA), Nathaniel Joseph (Sacramento, CA), J.J. King (Redding, CA) and Johnny Metzger (Oroville, CA)! More information will be released on the contestants within the coming days, and right here at PCWBecauseItsTime.com you will be able to vote for your favorite "Living The Dream" Finalist! The winner of PCW "Living The Dream" will be announced LIVE at Extreme Measures on May 7th by a very special PCW persona! To vote for your favorite finalist CLICK HERE

PCW Work Farm Graduate Advances To WWE Tough Enough!

PCW Work Farm graduate, former Senior Official and former #1 Contender to the PCW Heavyweight Wrestling Championship, A.J. Kirsch has advanced to WWE Tough Enough! A.J. has given 8 years to PCW and has earned everything he has ever gotten! Everyone in Pro Championship Wrestling will be watching on April 4th! Good luck A.J.!


On Sunday, March 27th, 2011 at 11 AM at the infamous PCW Work Farm, head instructor and 3-Time PCW Heavyweight Wrestling Champion, "Mr. Prime Time" MPT along with the promoters of Pro Championship Wrestling will be offering the opportunity of a lifetime!

A contest that will test one's toughness, heart, determination, desire, passion and presence to excell in to the world of professional wrestling. For ONLY $25 you can enter yourself into the quest of "Living The Dream" and the absolute best will win! The winner recieves FREE training at the PCW Work Farm under the tutolage of MPT! This is a $3,000 value!

On March 27th, we will accept any and all applicants (male and female) over the age of 14 years old (with parent/guardian signature). On this day we will narrow it down to 3 finalists. Of those final 3, the winner will be chosen by on-line voting, the PCW trainers vote and whoever sells the most tickets to PCW's biggest show of the year...Extreme Measures!

The winner of "Living The Dream" will be announced LIVE at PCW Extreme Measures 2011 at the Champions Indoor Soccer Arena in Yuba City, CA!

For more information call (530) 990-8588 and be sure to stay locked at PCWBecauseItsTime.com

Chico Creates Chaos

PCW kicked off 2011 with a huge bang as chaos, carnage and crucial action was shown! Dylan Drake and MPT battled to a time-limit draw in their "Champion vs. Champion" match and as MPT asked for 5 more minutes, Dylan Drake showed his true colors! Not only by walking away, but by showing the utmost disrecpect to MPT and attacking him violently after the match! The future of PCW was displayed in 6-Man Tag action, and Pink Mink Inc's Rik Luxury emerged for the 2nd time as PCW's "Last Man Standing!"

For full results from PCW Last Man Standing 2011 CLICK HERE

The annual "Last Man Standing" event is back again! Some call it a tribute to WWE's "Royal Rumble," as 30 men battle for a chance to go on to PCW's "WrestleMania," Extreme Measures! There have only been 5 men that have been victorious at "Last Man Standing." Skitzo, "Old School" Oliver John, "Mr. Prime Time" MPT, Scotty Aboot and Rik Luxury!

There's only one previous LMS winner this year, competing in the rumble, Rik Luxury. He is also a former PCW Heavyweight Wrestling Champion, and has Team Luxury (Matt Carlos & Dave Dutra) backing him up! A.J. Kirsch has to be a favorite, as he has been in the final 2 at the last two previous rumbles, and came within seconds of winning them both! D-Unit and T-Trent (The Suburban Commandos) came bursting back on the tag-team scene last November, but one has to believe they will do anything, including throwing blows back and forth, to earn a shot at PCW immortality. Jody Kristofferson had one of the greatest rookie years in PCW history, and he will locked, loaded and ready to go! Mitch Valentine and Shoop Shellhammer split a match a piece back in November, and these two men will no doubt be looking to go at each other and be the first rookie to ever win LMS! Title shots aren't exactly being thrown at Vennis DeMarco, so if he can out last 29 other men, he guarantees himself a shot on the grandest stage. What new, possible break out stars we will we see compete in LMS? What flash from PCW's past will enter their name in the hat? Will anyone beat "Strong Man" John Anderson's eliminations of 12 competitors? And finally, on February 12th, 2011 at Cal Skate in Chico, who will go on to the main event of Extreme Measures, and be the LAST MAN STANDING...



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